Hello my name is Skye. 

I am a freelance photographer and enthusiastic foodie living in Edinburgh. I had the idea for Soul Scran while in the midst of my undergrad and am absolutely thrilled to finally have it up and running. Soul Scran isn’t just a place for recipes, it is a place for people who really love food. I believe cooking should be treated as an art but also be accessible to everyone, I don’t believe in making food overly complicated or adding unnecessary hard to find ingredients. I use whole foods and try to make everything as healthy as possible. Cooking is how I relax and unwind, I am terrible at following recipes and tend to write them as a “bit of this and a bit of that” so stick with me an i’ll do my best to get better. I am all about intuitive cooking and learning to cook by what flavours work together. Soul Scran is for sharing what I’ve learnt and hopefully for seeing how others change and build upon what I put out into the world. 

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